Roboty betonowe, zbrojarskie i szalunkowe mostu na autostradzie:


449 m


42 m

width of roadway lanes

14 m

  • Construction of a highway bridge with a length of about 330 m in composite construction
  • Execution of formwork and concrete works – foundations, piles, abutments, composite slab
  • Construction of a level crossing under 12 shunting tracks in the course of the Aschaffenburg bypass execution
  • Execution of formwork and concrete work for walls and ceilings in monolithic form (concrete without sealant)
  • Execution of formwork and concrete works for the first PPP Project for road construction in Bavaria:
    • construction of a bridge over the Mena River with a length of 300 by the field-punching method; the maximum span of supports between fields was 120 m
    • Construction of a 900 m long tunnel structure using the open construction method

Bridge length

200 m

Width of the bridge

18,25 m and 18,5 m



Superstructure: two-chamber ribbed steel composite panel

  • Footing structure of prestressed concrete beams type T-21, deck reinforced concrete slab of variable thickness
  • Supports – reinforced concrete abutments, monolithic, wall based on drilled piles with a diameter of 150 cm
  • Reinforced concrete transition slabs
  • Elastomeric bridge bearings
  • Off-road stairs
  • Reconstruction of a steel footbridge with a length of 14.76 m

Usable area

600 m²

Parking spaces for cars


Parking spaces for coaches


Building area of the passenger terminal

2.300.000 m²

Built-up area of underground garages

520.000 m²

Parking spaces


Number of pre-deck plates for high-capacity aircraft


Volume of concrete

350.000 m³

Tonnage of steel

50.000 t

Formwork area

1.150.000 m²

  • Supports (pillars) and bridge abutments with a volume of reinforced concrete of 850 m3