– Kraków S.A.

Chemobudowa – Kraków S.A. is one of the most experienced construction companies in Poland. For over 70 years, we have built over 1,200 facilities, both in Poland and throughout Europe.

Our portfolio includes completed bridges, roads, an airport terminal, schools, swimming pools, religious buildings, housing estates, offices, logistics centres and much more.

Although our specialization is housing estates and offices, we are glad that we have also been building a large number of public utility buildings for over 70 years. It is cultural and sports facilities that have a positive impact on the integration and development of the local community.

Our employees

Our employees, operating at the highest level of professionalism, can face any challenge. Moreover, they regularly improve their qualifications to stay up to date with the latest solutions on the market.

Monika Radecka
Administrative and office specialist
Adam Sobota
Construction Engineer
Katarzyna Potocka
Deputy Chief Accountant
Anna Bogacka
Chief Health, Safety and Fire Officer
Michał Pałucki
Deputy Head of the Bidding Team
Adam Adamiec
Construction Manager
Tomasz Waryas
Head of Asset Management Team
Anna Ziółko
Director of Human Resources
Żaneta Niedziółka
Żaneta Niedziółka
Head of Management Service Team
Adrian Koperczak
Contracts Manager Krakow
Piotr Fedorowicz
Piotr Fedorowicz
Contract Manager Wroclaw

with clients

We build trust

Very good cooperation with many customers has translated into a high degree of trust in our company and long-term cooperation.

Thanks to the trust we have gained, we take part in subsequent large and complex projects.


construction investments

We carry out construction projects in a wide range of building specialisations in Poland and Germany.