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– Kraków S.A.

We are a company that has been active in the construction industry for more than 70 years. As an organisation with many years of experience, we have a stable position on the Polish and German markets. Our aim is continuous improvement and sustainable development, with a focus on innovation and safety in our projects.

Many years of experience, qualified employees and projects carried out with a focus on the highest quality are our core strengths.
We carry out projects in Poland working in four branches: in Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław and Warszawa, as well as in Germany in Frankfurt am Main.

Course of
recruitment process



Send us your CV in response to a recruitment advertisement. All the positions we are currently recruiting for, along with the locations listed, can be found under the job vacancies tab.


Document selection

Applicants’ CVs are assessed against the requirements of the job.
If the applicant meets the requirements of the job offer, they are contacted by telephone.


phone calls

During telephone interviews, we assess the key criteria for the job and get to know the candidate better. It is also the first moment to get answers to questions that are important to candidates.


recruitment meeting

During the meeting, the candidate has the opportunity to to get to know your potential supervisor. The interview covers the candidate’s experience and competences, as well as the functioning of the organisation, the tasks of the job and opportunities for development.



We will inform you of the outcome of your recruitment by email or telephone.

Student internships

We know how important it is to acquire and develop valuable skills in practice, which is why we continuously support young people in their first steps in the construction industry. Apprenticeships are the best way to learn about the specifics of the job and expand your knowledge. Throughout the year, we are open to construction students.

Meet us

We are involved in general contracting, constructing residential buildings, public buildings, offices, hotels and logistics centres.
We are also launching our own development project in the prestigious Kraków location of Zabłocie. At the same time, we are engaged in the lease of office, retail, parking and catering space, as well as the hotel business (we have our own hotel facility and a tour house).

Chemobudowa – Kraków S.A. is looking for employees for managerial, engineering and physical positions.
We will find a place for people who are passionate about modern construction technologies, who are committed, highly motivated and have initiative in their work, and who want to develop their competencies through participation in prestigious construction projects.

Through the eyes of an employee

I encountered Chemobudowa – Kraków S.A. in 2005… I can say that.
My first job was to go to Iceland to work on the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. It was a big change in the life of the young engineer. The consequence of this event is that I have now been working for the company for almost 20 years. During this time, I had the opportunity to implement, among others: hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, museums and residential buildings. I gained experience starting from the position of a construction engineer combined with direct assembly work. Then I worked as a works, construction and project manager, up to my current position as Contract Manager.
At Chemobudowa, I met people for whom construction is a passion and construction is a commitment. Here I have colleagues and friends who have influenced and continue to influence my life. The company uses its extensive experience by building people and teams. It may be difficult to see it in everyday work, but the evidence comes from looking back at completed investments and the people associated with them.
Adrian Koperczak
Contracts Manager Krakow
I have been working at Chemobudowa since 2018. I started my journey by working in the Hotel Services Team, where I gained valuable experience and developed team skills. After two years, I was given the opportunity to transfer to the Management Services Team, which turned out to be a bull’s-eye. After just over two years, I took up the position of Manager, which was an expression of trust from the Company’s Management Board and motivates me to constantly improve and take on new challenges.
I also appreciate the Company’s initiatives in the personal and professional development of employees. During my employment at Chemobudowa, I defended my bachelor’s and master’s theses. I continue my education using training and courses financed by the Company.
The atmosphere at work is conducive to cooperation and creativity, and the professionalism of colleagues makes each task a rewarding experience. I am happy to be part of this dynamic organization and see the Company develop every day. It is not only a workplace, but also a community of people who together create an inspiring environment.
Żaneta Niedziółka
Head of the Management Service Team
I started working at Chemobudowa – Kraków S.A. in 2014. For a young man, curious about the world and hungry for challenges, the Company turned out to be an ideal place for professional development. Although it was not always easy, the challenges I faced shaped my attitude, teaching me perseverance and the ability to cope with various situations. Experienced and always helpful employees, interesting and often demanding projects, enabled me to develop from the position of inspector, through specialist, to deputy manager of the bidding and cost estimation team.
As an active participant in the Chemobudowa community, I can observe its development from various perspectives and even have a real impact on it. Thanks to the employees’ trust, I was able to represent their interests as a Member of the Employee Council, and from 2022 I am a Member of the Supervisory Board.
I am grateful that I can work in a place that not only meets my professional ambitions, but also shares similar values with me. At Chemobudowa, I value the atmosphere of cooperation and the well-coordinated team with which we strive to achieve success together. Working here is not only a duty, it is also a pleasure resulting from the belief that together we are creating something valuable.
Michał Pałucki
Deputy Head of the Tender and Costing Team